Authentic Bali walking tour

Searching for a walking tour in a local Balinese village and in the rice-fields, without bumping into other tourists? This might be it for you.

This is our personal experience:

Made is the guide. He picks you up at the villa and shows you his village where no other tourists are to be seen. After a warm welcome and a banana pancake as breakfast at his home, we walked in the ricefields where we helped the locals to harvest the rice, visited an old temple, walked through the village to see the locals busy with their woodcarvings & stonecarvings, and we also did a small jungle trekking to a hidden waterfall. Made had to cut some plants away to clear the path to the waterfall, so yeah, this is not an average tourist tour, this is real nature and real bali you can get to see. We enjoyed it! Expect to be away for like 5 hours. The walking is around 3 hours.


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