Frequently asked questions

Why booking a Villa instead of a Hotel or a Resort?

There are 3 main reasons why consumers choose a Villa over a hotel room for their holiday: – Space: a Villa offers much more space than a hotel: a typical Villa ranges from 2 to 5 bedrooms – and offers additional space such as living room, dining room, fully-equipped kitchen and outdoor areas. – Privacy: the Villa will be yours for the time of your stay and you won’t have to share the pool or bedrooms with anyone, you will have complete privacy. – Price: Private villas are often more economical for traveling families and couples than luxury hotels: a private Villa costs typically the price of two 4-5 star hotel rooms whereas it offers not only more rooms, but also a private pool. You will also eat and drink “local” in your Villa and won’t have to pay the premium price of a restaurant nested in a luxury hotel.

How do I make a booking?

On the “Reservation page”, you can enter your dates and check if the villa is available on those dates. If not available, it will be indicated clearly, telling you which dates are still available around your chosen period. If still available, you’ll be able to choose the number of guests, and some extra options if wanted. You’ll see that the grand total price is indicated. The grand total price = (price per night x amount of nights) + extra options (optional). The next step is to enter –if you have one- a promotion code which will give you the promised discount on the total price.

The next and last step is to make the payment. You can either pay by Paypal or by bank transfer. The total amount has to be payed within 24 hours after your booking request. If we didn’t receive a proof of payment within 24 hours after your booking request we will consider the booking as cancelled, and your requested dates will be available for other guests again.

You will be guided by email regarding the payment. You will receive an email with a link to your reservation details and status. You can always re-open this link at any time to check the booking status or reservation details.

Is there any additional charges or tax to pay?

All our prices are in EUR and include all government tax and service charges, there is no hidden fee. Of course there are many possibilities as ‘extra services’. It speaks for itselves you choose yourself if you want to go for these ‘extra sevices’ or not.

Here are some examples: Lunch or dinner, beverages consumed during your stay, taxi on request, massages at the villa, renting a motorcycle (conditions, see below), and many others.

How to find the Villa upon arrival?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail containing all necessary Villa details and contacts so that you can access the property. Sarini will be there to greet you at the Villa, and show you around. We also offer Villa Airport transfer for €20. That means our English speaking driver will pick you up at the airport (with a name sign). We will communicate several telephone numbers you can call in case you cannot find the driver at the airport.