Balinese temples

Their religion is what makes the Balinese people so special, so unique.

The colorful and welcoming Hindu-spirit is what Bali is known for.

Balinese people spend a lot of their time by serving the gods in many ways. It can be a small offer they make, those small kind of baskets with flowers and rice in. But often the Balinese people have bigger ceremonies with large groups of people too. At every house you’ll find a small temple where the little offers are made, and some ceremonies are being held.

It speaks for itselves, that there are a lot of big temples in Bali. Many of those temples are open for visitors, except for some sacred places. You should Always wear a “sarong” or at least wear a kind of scarf around your waist to enter the temple. Don’t worry, if guides take you to a temple they will forsee those things. Some temples also have an entrance fee, and they also provide a sarong at those places.

There are too many to name them here. There is a lot of info about temples in Bali, you can find it everywhere. A couple of well known temple names are “Tanah Lot” or “Uluwatu”.

To give you an idea, here are some different temple pics..


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