Rinjani volcano trekking

Ok, this one is tough. But it really is one most beautiful and amazing experiences…

The Rinjani volcano is located in Lombok, the Island next to Bali direction East. It’s a “3 days – 2 nights – trekking”.

You’ll be leaving early in the morning with the group, wich includes guides and porters to carry all stuff for the next 3 days. First day is climbing, climbing, and again climbing up. Tent base camp is set on the rigde of the volcano. Next morning you’ll have the possibility to climb to the top to watch the Sunrise, and head back to base camp on the ridge. This second day you’ll head down to the inner lake of the volcano, enjoy the natural hot springs, and climb again up on the opposite ridge. Thats where you’ll sleep the 2nd night. And ofcourse there is the 3rd day to go all the way down to the civilised world again. Devastated but satisfied with this wonderfull experience, its a good idea to relax some days after this. For example on the peaceful beaches of the Gili Islands?

Pictures can never express the beauty of that mountain, or the great feelings you had back then..

Collect your courage and do it !!!


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