Hidden Canyon Sukawati

If you like a bit of adventure, this might be your thing. The canyon is located in the Southern part of Sukawati, about 10 min driving (motorbike). It’s a medium short but nice activity (max 2 hrs). Expect to be making your way through the canyon by jumping from stone to stone/climbing the walls/crossing the river to make the next few meters/…
Your clothes might get wet, and depending on the level of the water (rain) you might even practically be swimming to reach some parts. Therefor, also protect your camera and mobile phones from getting wet. Be warned = be prepared.

Some parts can be pretty tough and even dangerous, so if you are in a less good condition, better skip this trip.

Today, may 2017, this is totally not a touristic spot. Don’t expect busses with loads of tourists, expect maximum a couple of people here. You have to pay an entrance fee of 15.000 rp. to get access to the place. They are asking wether you want a guide to accompany you or not. Take a guide, because it can be slippery and dangerous along the way, and if the water level is a bit higher (rain…) you can not find the way by yourself. When the trip is over, you can give the guide a tip as paying for his service.

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